A new-age vocalist, experimental performance and sound artist based in Cologne, Germany. Born in Subotica (SRB) to a Hungarian family, she studied vocals and composition in Hanover (DE), Cologne (DE) and Lucerne (CH). Her main focus is researching the human voice as an instrument and combining structures of improvisation, electro-acoustic compositions and performative arts. She often explores space and movement in her pieces, integrating installative and performative arts, composed or improvised material. She is regeraded as a courageous and uncompromising voice at the interface of creative contemporary music and performance art. Her works (Crushing Concrete, Liquid Fears, Flesh Cages, BiiiiiiiiiRD, VØICES, Pain Mirrors, Don´t Miss Myself Anymore) explore either current socio-political issues such as eating disorders, modern representation of the female body, beauty myths, collective fear, brutality or extreme psychological states. Besides her interdisciplinary projects, she enjoys investigating the boundaries of language, electronic sound and avant-garde poetry. Lately, her interest has shifted towards working with performances and sound installations. She has collaborated with various international orchestras and ensembles (Monsters For Breakfast, RYMM, Jonas Engel/Thea Soti Duo, Electrified Islands, Modern Art Orchestra, Daniel Sebastian Scholz Big Band, Subway Jazz Orchestra, Fette Hupe, Cherry Tree Orchestra, Tonhallen Orchestra, Cast Glass.  She toured from New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Cologne, London, Budapest, Belgrade, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Helsinki, Moscow, Marrakech to Tokyo – both as a composer and as a performer. She is a founding member of the European composer´s collective SUNG SOUND, part of the creative artist collective fx.LAB and co-curator of the experimental series STIMMUNGEN in Loft Cologne. Thea Soti was a scholarship-holder of the Kulturstiftung Sparkasse Köln-Bonn, Palazzo Ricci Montepulciano, NRW International Artist Programme, DAAD Marocco Atlas Project, i-Portunus Mobility Programme and was invited as Artist-of-Residence at Sonoscopia PortoJAZZAJ / Budapest Music Centre, Balassi Institute Brussels and at the end of 2019 that of the Tarabya Academy in Istanbul.

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